Summer makeup for EVENING & NIGHT parties

In my last post I showed you the summer makeup natural & fresh for morning and afternoon, with waterproof makeup if you go to the beach or swimming pool, really interesting if you haven't read yet.

And today I would like to show you what kind of makeup is correct for you evening & night summer parties. I follow the line, with summer colors and natural & fresh makeup.

You can see three kinds of makeup:

With this makeup you can take something for drink or eat in the beach with your friends, is a correct makeup, the eyeliner and the orange and brown eyeshadow is a good option for your sumer evening makeup.
The second makeup is for a daring girls ;) with shine eyeshadow and blue eyeliner and a fantastic bold lip (I love it! In my next post I'll explain how you can do a perfect bold lip) This makeup is cool for summer night parties.

And the last makeup is for a sophisticated summer night parties. Is a elegant makeup with summer colors. The combination with this colors is awesome. The green eyeshadow with golden lip and orange blush is really cool. And the other makeup with brown and golden eyeshadows with a nude lip and a little pink blush is amazing too. I love it both makeup.

And you? What do you prefer for your summer night parties? Send me your pic of your evening or night makeup and If you want to see more makeup, you can check my pinterest!


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