Summer makeup NATURAL & FRESH

Enjoy this summer at the beach or at the pool and keep your look with waterproof makeup and a natural makeup.
I show you several makeups (morning and afternoon makeups) and how to get a natural beach beauty. You don’t want a strong makeup, do you? The first tip is: NATURAL & FRESH makeup :)

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If you want to get this looks you need a waterproof makeup.
I have a good selection for you! ;)

Before everything you need a good sun protection with color for your skin, will be perfect SPF30 or SPF50. Don't forget it!

Very important for intensify your eyes, a waterproof mascara and eyeliner, sometimes you can find a waterproof mascara and long-wearing, but the waterproof is only for humidity, tears and sweat, be carefully because it will not run under the most extreme conditions, at the beach, or in the swimming pool...
But don't worry I find for you the best products!!!

1. Stila

One of the best option is the multi-tasking cream color you can use for your cheeks and your lips really NATURAL & FRESH. The pink or orange color is perfect for these looks, of course you can choose a strong color like brown or red, but it will be for a night makeup. In my next post you can see the summer beach evening and night makeup.
1. MAC 
2. Stila

With my tips you'll be a natural beach beauty.
Enjoy the summer!
I want to read your comments o see your pics with this look! Share with me! :)


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